Design Curial; World’s 10 Best Gas Stations

On-line architectural e-zine DesignCurial wants to give outstanding gas and petrol stations the architectural merit they deserve. They have scoured the world and put together a list of the World’s 10 Best Gas Stations. Topping that list is POPS Arcadia on historic Route 66.  To celebrate this recognition we wanted to take a look back at one of our favorite projects and the idea behind the design.
  As a place POPS embodies the roadside destination and is an icon in an unexpected place. For the pre-baby boomers and baby boomers, POPS is packed with memories of family vacations, motels, the open road, and the pride of automobile ownership
  POPS is not an accident.  It was designed as an icon, a destination and a stop for food, fuel, t-shirts and the ultimate photo op. At POPS eight hundred different flavors of soda pop are both a wonder and a delight for all ages.  Parents have memories and kids make memories as they park their cars around the 66’ tall bottle waiting for the light show to begin at dusk.
POPS embodies a larger-than-life experience remembering the steel truss bridges on Route 66 and appreciating the farmland off the interstate.
 Take a look at the definitive list of DesignCurial’s 10 best designs, from Oklahoma to Leicestershire, Slovakia to the Netherlands.

From the roadside classics to the LA icons, remarkable stations in Georgia to cacti compositions, these rest stops will defy your previous notions of the commonplace filling station.

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