The Elliott Residences

The Elliott ResidencesMidtown Oklahoma City   This upscale residential development represents an elegant fusion of Midtown’s traditional masonry with a crystalline glass façade looking toward Downtown OKC’s evolving future. Its eight stories add density to this a vibrant urban setting immediately north of Downtown Oklahoma City, newly equipped with streetcars. Each residence will have a […]

Heartland Headquarters

Heartland Payment SystemsOklahoma City, OK Its form – a seven-story, 111,530 sq. ft. building bathed in natural light — adheres to the ancient Greek principles of scale and proportion, called the Golden Ratio. Its location – along OKC’s Automobile Alley Historic District – puts it at the heart of a bustling and fast-growing downtown area. The new building […]

Uptown Kids

Classen Curve Oklahoma City, OK The concept is ‘kids clothes as art,’ and art needs a frame, so the grid is an evolution of that idea. The store includes an airy, contemporary design that beautifully showcases the clothing and accessories.  The store’s grid allows for ultimate flexibility in showcasing the brands exclusive to Uptown Kids. […]

University of Central Oklahoma STEM Teaching and Research Center

UCO Donald Betz STEM Research and Learning Center

Edmond, OK Scope: Approximately 56,000 SF Projected Completion: Fall 2018 Description: The Interdisciplinary STEM Teaching and Research Center is a new project that builds on established and growing programs within the University of Central Oklahoma’s College of Math & Science. The project focus is on constructing space that allows for enhanced student participation in both research and simulated […]

1001 West Wilshire

1001 W. Wilshire

Oklahoma City, OK Design an owner occupied/for lease/speculative office building that satisfies the client image and developer economics.  The building shell budget was finalized at a tight $85 p/sf for 48,000 sf. As with spec office buildings, the architects were not responsible for tenant spaces. Scope:   48,000 SF Architectural Concept: ·      Fulfill the request for the […]

World Neighbors Headquarters

Oklahoma City, OK This modest renovation demonstrates Elliott + Associates skill at doing a lot with a little. On a budget of $218,000, the architects designed a fresh and compelling headquarters for a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating poverty, hunger and disease in third-world countries. Foregoing fashionable interior design, they created a simple abstraction of […]

Will Rogers World Airport Snow Barn

Oklahoma City, OK Will Rogers World Airport Snow Barn is an 18,000 square-foot structure that serves as storage for airport snow removal equipment. The building also includes related offices, support functions and mechanical space. The building is created with materials and color that relates to the concept of flight. The soaring wedge form, reflective “fuselage” […]

Washita Theater

New Cordell, Oklahoma The existing movie theater was built in 1946, and is located on the town square of New Cordell, Oklahoma, population 2,903. The solution includes rigorously and faithfully restoring the deteriorated Ahistory. The challenge was meeting the needs of modern codes, HVAC, electrical, food service, and acoustical adaptations. The marriage of history and […]

Villa Bell

The concept developed for the house is “ghosts,” the ghosts of the previous owners, the lives lived there, the memory of an earlier time. The “ghost” concept is seen in the use of natural light, the color white, luminous, translucent materials and fragments of the original structure. It is a space painted with light where […]

Vesper Building

Vesper Building

Oklahoma City, OK The Vesper Building is located in the Historic Automobile Alley District. The district was the original automobile showroom and services area from 1914-1960, including Hudson, Essex, Packard, Cadillac, Pierce Arrow, Steinmetz and Chevrolet, totaling 54 dealerships. Located one block from the Alfred P. Murrah Building that was destroyed in the 1995 bombing, […]