222 Residence

A residential project, that gave the inhabitants peace and serenity, along with a great way to showcase their unique art collection.

Architectural Concept

1. Create “formless” architecture that arrives on the site as if a rectangular cut was made in the earth and it pushed up from below. The red granite gravel under roof edge and a rust colored roof support the concept.  The rusted steel roof vents suggest natural grass growing through from the earth below.

2. The horizontal banded rusting steel reveals the earth strata and maintains the red color of the soil.

3. The linear plan separates and puts in sequence public and private spaces with narrow glass connector spaces stitching it together.

4. The spaces are created to provide unique personal moments in time.  These experiences include the view of a unique landscape feature from the bathtub or watching the wildlife from an exposed glass shower or watching a (planned) sheet of water pour off the roof edge creating a 20’W x 8’ tall waterfall that you can stand behind.

5. The thin roof cantilevers 8’ to create pedestrian protection and sun control for all seasons.

6. A freestanding concrete wall with moveable, colored acrylic rods provides an ever-changing interactive arrival point at the front door.  This, along with a 20’W x 9’ tall yellow steel frame, extends and captures visual fragments beyond the glass. The indoors and outdoors blur.

7. The goal is to blend the site, soil, place and form into an expression inspired by the unique conditions of this place and time.

8. The existing art collection has been placed to compliment the scale and natural light.  In reality, the dominant art is the natural landscape and weather conditions viewed through the glass.  Upon arrival by car, the owner lifts the garage door to park and is greeted by (3) 6’ x 6’ photographs.  Even the garage is an art gallery.

9. The interior finishes include a stained concrete slab the color of the soil as if the site moves through the structure.  Spatial warmth is created with surface and color.  Black rugs organize the spaces and furniture acts as objects within the space.  The rusty red is inspired by the exterior steel.  A freestanding 400-gallon saltwater aquarium provides serene movement between the living room and dining room.  In fact, we view the house as an aquarium with people swimming about. Above the kitchen counter is a glowing, lighted opening acting as art and a man-made reminder of the seasons.  Glass acts as an invisible separation to the natural world beyond regardless of whether it is the shower, toilet, tub or kitchen.  It is truly like living outdoors.  The glass garden on the north provides an unexpected pocket-sized Zen garden fashioned from recycled glass. Another “moment” created to offer an opportunity for peace and tranquility.