Ackerman McQueen Colorado Springs

Develop a space that allows art directors and account service representatives to work in an open unassigned studio environment.  Each work station allows different tasks to be accomplished instead of habitual ownership with typical offices.


1. Each person is assigned a personal locker and a personal cellular phone within the space.  All computers and spaces are flexible.

2. Include a quiet room where personal calls and private conferences can be held.

3. Integrate a video conferencing and presentation space into the environment as the center piece.

4. Develop a soft seating area for team meetings and creative contemplation.

Architectural Concept:

Idea: Create a memorable link between the agency and the location in Colorado Springs.

Solution: The visitor is greeted by a large mountain form upon entry. The soft seating area aligns with a spectacular view of Pikes Peak.

Idea: Create a dramatic space to help sell creative services.  Use the volume to associate with the majesty and power of the mountains.

Solution: Use the big volume for big ideas.  Large windows and intense mountain light is controlled with 12′ H x 32′ W electric solar shade panels.  Shade location coordinates with sun movement during the day.  The video conferencing room is defined only by a 20′ H arcing sheer drape to create a sense of enclosure.  During presentations staff wears head sets for sound isolation and cellular phone use.

Project Info