Ackerman McQueen Dallas

Offices for Ackerman McQueen on the 18th floor of the Texas Commerce Bank Tower, at Los Colinas.

Architectural Concept:

1. Phase I included the construction of public spaces and the video conferencing center with Phase II (to be completed in early 1998) including creative staff studio/ offices.

2. One goal was to surprise existing and potential clients with the drama and excitement associated with the concept of new ideas.

3. Arrival begins with a laser-cut etched glass panel with the agency logo leading into a thin diagonal, spatial slice through the building terminating (actually continuing) with glass windows at both ends.  HID lighting is added above each window to increase the brightness to closely match daylight.  The windows at each end of the slice create a dream-like view into the sky and support the concept of ideas.  The acrylic bands pull the daylight deep into the space.

4. The lighted glass and granite display niche surrounds ideas with high drama as a tease of more to come.

5. The Video Conference Center is entered via a 15> long ramp along the NE 70′ window wall.  Windows are covered with blackout shades and solar scrim to allow lighting to be controlled.

6. Existing skylights are covered with dense blue acrylic that allows a deep blue glow that does not affect lighting control.

7. Special theatrical gobos (metal pattern slides) allow the loggia space to be lighted with dramatic patterns as one moves toward the view of the Dallas skyline in the distance.  The video conference space fully unveils in front of the window.

8. The video conference space includes fixed seating and movable tables to accommodate changing scenes the agency sets up to make client presentations.
9. The focal points of the space are two 8′-10″ x 6′-7.5″ back-lighted video screens and multiple video monitors supported from electric ceiling mounted scissor lifts.

10. Along the entry corridor the AV control room is visible (and invisible) through electric glass.

Project Info