Balliets embodies a classically modern personality. Shaped by beautiful proportions, timeless forms and dramatic lighting, the space provides a volume of elegant textures and materials. The second floor cosmetics studio is filled with natural light.

The 10,000 s.f. first floor houses apparel, accessories, jewelry and shoes. The 30′ high central atrium and 18′ high ceiling allows natural light to spill in from the second floor. The seven spectacular 12′ x 12′ windows feature double-sided projection screens, enabling product and event images to be projected to both the store’s interior and exterior. There is a 2,500 s.f. covered courtyard that is shared with Cafe 501.
The unique 7,000 s.f. second floor is home to cosmetics, fragrance and sales support areas. Cosmetics is reconfigured into a studio concept, offering an intimate, more private beauty experience. The cosmetic studio has its own private elevator, spa room, restroom, refreshment area and covered terrace. Totally surrounded by glass, affording natural daylight and topped by the 11′ high ceiling, the cosmetic studio experience and product presentation is unrivaled.

1. We see your new building as a portrait of your brand.

· We have imagined a finely crafted container as your new store.

· You will see personal touches and details and spaces created to make your customers feel like one-of-a-kind.

· We have combined indoor and outdoor spaces that add to the memorable experience.

· The last and perhaps most important ingredient of our design is the acknowledgement and appreciation of scale and proportion. It is the secret that will make your customers feel good and look good in the space.

2. Scale and proportion is directly related to fashion and self-image.

Architectural Concept:


1. The focus is on creating store personality.

2. We are suggesting forms, volumes, materials and lighting that we believe create a signature for Balliets brand and the new location.

3. Our goal is to create a timeless, modern space that will act as an effective marketing tool.

4. We envision the space as a beautiful neutral environment that supports the fashion. We imagine simplicity and elegance. The space is subservient to the product. At the same time we want the space to make the products desirable.

5. The light is the key ingredient. We have made the space luminous. We have used natural light, glowing volumes and spot lighting to bring the space to life. We want the ladies to look radiant and to dramatize the fashion statement.

6. Make a visual statement about the contents from the outside. Use 12′ x 12′ windows for light control and fashion image projection.