Café 501

Classen Curve
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Program Requirements:
The design was for new construction of 5,400 s.f. with dining for 120 and a bar for 15. There is no private dining. The super-efficient kitchen contains a wood-fired oven. The mezzanine has space for an office and storage.

Project Goals:
Key points from a discussion session with the client included the idea of fresh, local, fast, casual service at lunch. Café 501 would have a different atmosphere at night with a full service menu and staff. To maintain the owners’ standards from the Boulevard Steakhouse, the focus is on quality food. Peter and Sheree Holloway opened a steakhouse with qualities indigenous of larger cities but in a suburban setting. Café 501 incorporates the theme in the form of a “neighborhood café.” At Classen Curve it will be comparable to the Edmond location, similar but not exact. Café 501 at Classen Curve is more contemporary with a comfortable atmosphere. The interior is wood, brick, steel, and glass with an open kitchen that is warm and friendly.

The materials surrounding the guests include things woven and natural with wood, ceramics, rope, stone and leather. The materials created by hand are hewn, tanned, knitted, tied and textured. The “design recipe” is food and atmosphere that are woven together and handmade. The food and space are natural, fresh and authentic. There is blended space and woven light.Café 501 has two moods; daytime when it is open, light in weight, natural atmosphere, and an open kitchen; and evening when there is a warm glow, firelight, shadows and drama. In the evening it will be an intimate setting.

The design brings in the earth, sun, moon, stars and planets; most of all, it is a personal space.