Chesapeake Conservatory

Chesapeake Energy Campus
Oklahoma City, OK

Completed in 2001, the existing Chesapeake Energy campus restaurant was at capacity. An adjacent outdoor patio dining area was the only opportunity for expansion. The site is an existing outdoor patio built alongside an existing natural creek.

The concept has five goals:

1. Provide a dining experience, on campus, that will compete with nearby commercial restaurants for patrons.

2. Use the transparency, natural light, electric lighting, along with a crowd of people, to energize the site and building.

3. A transparent enclosure allows the outdoor experience to remain and the high performance glass limits the glare.

4. The new transparent structure relates to the existing modified Georgian structure with proportion, white mullions and alignments. With transparency, the brick building remains visible and appreciated.

5. Uni-cork flooring, perforated metal ceiling panels, and non-parallel walls contribute to an acoustically pleasant dining atmosphere.