Classen Curve

Classen Curve

Oklahoma City, OK

Classen Curve is a modern neighborhood retail center with personal scale. Site amenities include public art, courtyards, a bio-filtered water feature and lush landscaping. The goal is to create a modern main street for 21st century shopping.

Concept Points:

1. An exclusive modern retail environment that includes 75,000 s.f. of space in a wonderful outdoor experience.

2. Create a park-like setting that encourages window shopping and strolling.

3. Utilize landscaping and public art to create a “natural” setting.

4. Be mindful of all retail details and use intelligent design to create a holistic concept. We have considered all ‘normal’ retail necessities such as trash dumpsters, delivery drives, signage, sun and wind protection and parking. Our intent is to revisit normally accepted, and often ugly, necessities and transform them into functional art.

5. Create a 21st century chopping environment that will set a new standard for Oklahoma City.