FUEL Cafe at Chesapeake

Chesapeake Energy Campus
Oklahoma City, OK

A restaurant on the Chesapeake Energy campus that provides alternate and complimentary food and atmosphere to the existing Wildcat Restaurant and Conservatory seating area.

Program Functions:

1. Consider pizza, Mexican food and pasta.

2. Modern space

3. “Fiesta” concept / image

4. High energy

5. “Coolest restaurant in town.”

6. Seating for 100

Architectural Concept:

Imagine. . .

1. A space that will support more than two food types…not themed space.

2. All the colors of food we eat. . .

3. A space that changes with the sun. . .

4. Think fresh, crisp, crayons and rainbows.

5. A space that is liquid with color as if you are dining inside a watercolor painting. . .

6. Think universal space.

7. Think color as concept. . .

Project Info