Green Room Theater at Chesapeake

Chesapeake Energy Campus
Oklahoma City, OK

Program Requirements:
Provide seating for 232 in a theater atmosphere to accommodate visual presentations ranging from Power Point to HD/DVD movies.

Architectural Concept:
Use the ascension / subterranean location to enhance an unexpected spatial experience.

Use light and color to create an immersive atmosphere that will provide a memorable, sensory experience.

Combine reflective, transparent, translucent and absorptive materials to create a superb acoustical environment. The green cellular polycarbonate panel side walls are sound reflective and glow from backlighting.

Ceiling mounted MR 16 lamps are both clear and with green filters to provide white light for writing and green light for atmosphere.

The room lighting options include all white light, all green light, combined color, movie mode and all settings are dimmable.

Project Info