Hartzog Conger Cason Hargis

Oklahoma City, OK

Established in 1981, Hartzog Conger Cason & Hargis have a successful practice in Business Law. Previously the firm had officed in the suburbs and made a conscious decision to return to downtown. The firm wanted to relocate in the downtown area to establish a higher profile in the business community.

The top two floors (15 and 16) of the Bank of Oklahoma Plaza Building had been the location of The Whitehall Club, a private downtown business restaurant from 1967 to 1988. There were five key points to the project’s criteria: 1. Provide a comfortable, working environment for a growing law firm with a staff of 17 attorneys and 18 support staff; 2. Create an environment that was distinctive and set them apart from other firms; 3. Create a conservative image that communicated good judgment, sound business advice and exquisite taste; 4. The client wanted to make a statement about the diversity of their clientele; and 5. They wanted to take advantage of the panoramic view afforded by the penthouse level location.

In the project concept, we made specific efforts to take advantage of the panoramic view of the downtown area and to work with the linear floor plate. Hence, the Great Hall was created. The Great Hall provides both a dramatic visual and functional link between the most impressive spaces, the Reception area and the two-story Library space.

Secondary high traffic corridors link offices and support staff along the building perimeter. The four corner offices provide prominent locations for the firm principals. A palette of off white painted wood and walls, with rich oak, teak and cherry wood provide a dramatic contrast not normally associated with law practices. Custom designed carpet and furniture combined with silver Travertine and black and gold marble reveals an elegant and refreshing law firm image.

The Architect has been responsible for touching literally every facet of the project, from artwork selection to furniture design, to fabric selection, inclusive of all space planning, lighting and finishes.

Len Cason, partner in the firm, has said, “Our new space has become a powerful marketing tool for the firm, as well as an absolutely delightful space in which to work.”