Heierding Building

Oklahoma City, OK

The Heierding Building, home to Elliott + Associates Architects, is located in downtown Oklahoma City. Originally built in 1911 the building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The building showcases both architectural preservation and modern thinking.

The architectural concept of the Heierding Building is the use of light shrines. The six light shrines illustrate how light can behave as it interacts with the architecture. The goal was to use light as a design element and “paint with light”

A gallery/conference space was created on the first level to accommodate project meetings, small social gatherings, the display of project photographs, and the exhibition of one changing artwork. The administrative staff is located on level one and the studio on level two. To ensure continued social interaction bathrooms are located on level one and the lunch room/library and the kitchen were located on level two, with a mandate to “visit” one another on each trip.

Common materials are used in unusual and thought provoking ways to show visitors “new possibilities” and “creative thought.”