Heritage Hall Middle School

Oklahoma City, OK

Think of the space as a backdrop. People animate the space. People / kids provide the color and energy. The finishes and color values react to the light. Color tone and form contrast create the atmosphere. Think “student gallery.” It plainly states “this is our school” … “we live here.”

Architectural Concept:

A concept of “sliding bars” relates to the excess energy of middle school kids. The goal was to make the space “exciting” and “cool” for the students and manageable for teachers. The plan concept combines a sense of energy and rigor for middle school kids and teachers. “Connections” to nature and natural light… Just as the plan embodies both youthful energy and rigor, so does the architectural form. The building form “changes” and moves visually with the land. Light strikes the metal surfaces softly and changes…makes it appear alive… Think of the forms as forms that are growing. There are different sizes and uneven shapes. Just as middle school kids are all sizes and changing each day. Think “energy of growth.” The space is the Middle School’s signature. It surprises you. It is designed for students, not adults. It possesses a youthful energy… Fun!


Red light with classical historical reference to the grand theaters of the past.