Horace Mann Elementary School

Oklahoma City, OK

The beautification of the school grounds is underwritten by Chesapeake. More than 40 lacebark elms, boxwood hedges, and a flower bed are planted at the school to replace the trees that were removed due to disease and utility line interference.

“We believe the landscaping project has furthered the school’s educational mission by giving the students, faculty, and neighborhood a great sense of pride in Horace Mann,” states Aubrey McClendon, Chesapeake Energy’s Chief Executive Officer. Chesapeake “adopted” Horace Mann Elementary a few years ago, and over 110 employees serve as tutors for the students.

Other sponsors of this project are the City of Oklahoma City, the Oklahoma City Public Schools, Smith Pickel Construction, Elliott + Associates Architects, Tim Johnson and Associates, First Unitarian Church, Total Environment Landscaping, Grooms Irrigation, and Acme Brick.