ImageNet Carrollton

Carrollton, TX

ImageNet located in Carrollton, Texas is a distributor of office products and services. ImageNet needed to relocate corporate offices from a leased suburban high rise building to an owned warehouse district. Elliott + Associates wanted to create high drama with low cost while making the space functional, efficient, comfortable, dramatic and fun.

Located in a dull gray industrial development the project needed to be a visible, high impact, landmark location with a memorable corporate image. Natural light was introduced into the interior with skylights and portholes punched through the tilt-up concrete walls. A new interior was created to allow for a covered, climate controlled porch for client meetings, presentations and lunches. The Texas climate allows this to be an “outdoor room” with the doors open. The signature “paper wall” greets guests in the reception area. A spider-web of data and power cords directly illustrates the idea that the equipment organizes, directs and transforms the “chaos” into meaningful and usable information.

Project Info