ImageNet Washington D.C.

Washington, D.C.

From office automation to home construction to digital printing and beyond, the companies of ImageNet America share two common characteristics. First, they exist to serve customers with excellence and devotion and contribute to their success and happiness. Second, the key to accomplishing that is providing long-term opportunity, support, and a great working environment for their associates, many of whom have risen to management and even ownership roles of the various companies.

Scope: 4,877

Architectural Concept:
1. Make each office unique in response to the specific functions and personality of the city.
2. Create a consistent “thread” that ties all the offices together. Simultaneously unique and similar.
3. Discover and respond to the “sense of place” for each city. Houston is about hot climate, Carrollton is about the warehouse district, Downtown Dallas is a “box in the sky,” Oklahoma City is the history of the company. In D.C. we are responding to L’Enfant’s Master Plan of Washington with the long axis’ and the boulevard intersections. Our concept embraces the idea of the intersection of ImageNet and Washington D.C. Finally, one very unique experience in D.C. is the celebration of “cherry blossom” season.
4. So think about . . .
a. one minute of wow . . .
b. intersections
c. axis’
d. a stack of paper
e. and walking through a thousand cherry blossom shadows…