Kirkpatrick Oil Hennessey

Hennessey, OK

Site History:
The Kirkpatrick family began oil exploration in the 1920’s when John Kirkpatrick’s father-in-law, M.B. Blake drilled their first well. John then founded Kirkpatrick Oil in 1950. Kirkpatrick Oil has been active in the Hennessey area for 60 years.

At 6:30 pm, on October 1, 2007, a fire started and soon destroyed the I.0.0.F Hall, the American Legion Building and the Dinkler Drug Store Building. All were vintage 1910 and in the middle of Downtown Hennessey.

In 2000 the town of Hennessey established a vision of the future and where it should be in 2010. The driving force behind the Hennessey 2010 initiative was to make improvements to downtown and the central community. Kirkpatrick Oil joined the initiative with a facility that will be the centerpiece of the Main Street beautification plan.

Architectural Concept:

The new building combines modern forms and materials with a sensitivity to the historic scale and proportion of the adjacent historic structures. The town of Hennessey has a rich history and this building represents a new and exciting evolution of Main Street. A highlight of the building will be a sculpture by renowned artist, Nigel Hall, of the United Kingdom. The piece is titled “Rising” and is approximately 8’ to 10’ tall.

Project Info