KJ McNitt Construction Company

Oklahoma City, OK

The K.J.McNitt building in Oklahoma City is an advertisement for the simplicity, economy and expressiveness of tilt-wall concrete construction, which just happens to be client Kelly McNitt’s specialty.

The exterior walls are precast concrete panels, twenty-four feet high and ten wide, that have been finished in a variety of styles and textures: smoothed, sandblasted, stained. The panels are separated by 8-inch glass slits, which dramatize their lightness and thinness, and are braced by recycled oilfield pipes, an appropriate analogy for Oklahoma. On the east wall, the oil pipes are folded into the facade to frame a door; in the parking lot they are pulled out to form the corners of an implied outdoor room, complete with concrete floor and buffalo grass border. The same spare aesthetic prevails inside as well. Decks, joists and air ducts are all exposed; the floors are scored concrete; the sheet-rock walls follow the rhythm of the exterior panels, with the slotted windows providing dramatic shafts of light.