Oklahoma City

The overall goal of this renovation was to create a neighborhood bar with an art gallery and roof deck. The bar would be a venue for an upscale crowd that previously did not exist in the Bricktown area of Oklahoma City.

Create a place to see and be seen. The desire was to make the main competitive edge of the new bar the atmosphere and the roof deck. Also an economical solution was needed because the bar will be in rental space with an initial 3-year lease.
Design solutions included refocusing the entry from a marginal street frontage to an exposed alley side overhead door immediately adjacent to the downtown ballpark. Change the menu, the art, and the color of the light on a quarterly basis. The existing shell was cleaned and scaled leaving all the wall cracks, chips and wall paint as building history. History as art. Galvanized metal was used because of its low cost, industrial association and reflective quality. Black, white and translucent furniture and white toilet partitions are used so they become the color of the space and are absorbed into the architecture.