Marfa Contemporary Gallery

Marfa, Texas


Site size is 3 lots or 75 ft. x 125 ft. Building size is 4720 sq. ft.

Project Goals:

Reprogram and renovate the circa 1940’s Webb Brothers Gulf Service Station/Chrysler Dealership. (located at the only stop light in Marfa) to house:

• Marfa Contemporary Gallery
• TimeCar (car sharing rental)
• The Pizza Foundation
• An Artist in Residence Studio

City Arts Center (Oklahoma City) is expanding its operations in the region. Having a satellite gallery in Marfa, Texas, a town with a well-established reputation in the international art arena, will stimulate further interest in CAC throughout the world. The Mission of Marfa Contemporary Gallery encourages artistic expression in all its forms through education and exhibitions. The Vision states, “We endeavor to instill in the public a lifetime appreciation of the arts and enthusiasm for creative practice.” Marfa Contemporary Gallery incorporates and enhances the existing businesses, and includes a 2156-square-foot art gallery, administration offices, a studio for artists in residence, indoor and outdoor dining areas, and a wet bar.

Architectural Concept:

1. Reinvigorate the historic corner site and building.
2. Be respectful of the building history.
3. Capture the spirit of Marfa.
4. Create a new presence for City Arts Center as a part of the new reinvention
5. Create a world-class art space

Word Paintings:

What is the magnetism of Marfa?
• It is the effort of the journey.
• It is the endless landscape.
• It is the honesty of the place.
• It is the unexpected visual discoveries.
• It is the light..
• The light that exposes form.
• The light in a black sky.
• The light of surprise.
• The light of wonder.