NewView Low Vision Clinic

Phase 1 renovates an existing office space to create a low vision clinic which will provide services offered nowhere else in the state. Phase 2 completes the renovation to provide space for life skills and computer training for the visually impaired. Project scope is 3000 sq ft.

Architectural Concept

A. Key Points

1. We will exceed your functional and programmatic requirements.

2. We will make this project a model on how to do an inspiring place for the Blind and visually impaired.

3. We want to change the paradigm and public preconception about what a facility for the Blind is. We propose to reverse the expectation. We believe we can educate the public using the building. We propose to create a place designed for the Blind and visually impaired so that the sighted inhabitants and visitors understand face-to-face the difference.

4. We propose to make the building more public.

5. We propose to introduce visitors to the tools of the League.

6. My goal is to “reinvent” how people perceive the Oklahoma League for the Blind. I want to push us all to a higher level of awareness. I want to use our “differences” as art.

7. We want to celebrate your products. We propose to display them as art.

8. We want to celebrate the people. We propose to display new portraits of the entire team.

9. Consider not the lack of light but the abundance of light.

10. Fill the space with music.

11. We want to awaken all the senses.

12. Think empowerment.

Project Info