POPS Nichols Hills Plaza

Oklahoma City, OK

Scope: 5,400 SF

The legend of Route 66 is alive and well in Arcadia, Oklahoma. POPS is designed to portray the image of freedom on the open road. POPS is a Route 66 roadside attraction, not just a gas station for the family car. To pay homage to the living history of “The Mother Road,” its legendary status is being honored by the design. What was created for the flagship pops is a Route 66 roadside attraction for the next generation of explorers to learn about and reinvent the history of the already historic road. For the first satellite location the concept has been adapted for a suburban location.

The Image:

Freedom to travel the open road and explore the countryside. The mother road was narrow, two lanes that wove through small towns, mountains, desert and big cities. We sought to create an experience that was small in scale, picturesque, romantic and filled with vivid memories. To create a roadside entertainment experience on Route 66 like the blue Whale in Catoosa, the totem pole in Foyil, and the Rock Café in Stroud. There is always a “gimmick” on Route 66. A “hook” to get you to stop and look and buy something.

Pops has onion burgers, BBQ, and ice cold pop. There are tomahawks, key chains, postcards and jack-a-lope. There are truckers, farmers, bikers and locals, young and old. And there are always “interesting” people at the liar’s table. Route 66 has a glorious past, a resurging present and an always changing future. We can appreciate the past, but we don’t live there. The present is a spot between yesterday and tomorrow. What is the spirit of today on Route 66? What does the future look like? It is a building of our time. Giving a nod to the past and using the technology of the 21st century to define today. Our goal is to “reinterpret the road.” Think of Route 66 as “living history.” Create something that is in the “spirit of the mother road.” We can be a little outrageous and over the top. Let’s give the next generation of explorers a new memory along Route 66.

Pop’s Arcadia Architectural Concept:

The architectural concept for POPS Arcadia was to create a building emerging from the soil, growing out of the earth and connected to the place. Think of the canopy as current technology and the future with the ability to cantilever unsupported for 110’. The canopy embraces the stone walls as a link between the past and the future. Think of the great steel bridges and derricks all along Route 66. Think stone, steel, and LED…a “bridge to the future.” Think about 66 Red Bud trees, a patio and walking between them on a spring day. You can walk from the gas pump to the building without getting wet.

Imagine a place called POPS. It has a wood floor, historic photos of Route 66 and 12,000 bottles of pop in the window in every imaginable color. Red neon adds a glow and defines the cash register. Clean restrooms. Soda fountains and bar stools. Old fashioned pop machines. Store and retail area. Cooler. Business card wall. Liar’s table. Outdoor patio.

POPS Nichols Hills Plaza Concept:

For the first satellite location we want to create a POPS concept that is adaptable to the new location. To create “connections” with the “Mother Ship” in Arcadia, yet at the same time, create something new…we have a fabulous idea. A concept called FIZZ.

Pop’s Nichols Hills Plaza Functions:

1. Candy
2. Birthday Room
3. Counter (like Nichols Hills Drug)
4. POPS products

Project Info