RED PrimeSteak

Oklahoma City, OK

An amazing dining experience in downtown OKC. The architectural design takes full advantage of 18-foot ceilings, skylights and sheer volume to create spectacular urban beauty and drama.

Each table offers an exciting vantage point for memorable dining experiences. The spectacular Wine Wall, some 55 bottles tall by 130 bottles wide, for a total capacity of 7,150 bottles, separates the RED bar from the Main Dining Room. Sweeping the room’s grand dimension with a warm glow are suspended “rays” of red neon. These create energy and light that refract off the building’s rustic walls. The concept is called Red Wind.
The rays frame a dramatic procession for diners entering the Main Dining Room. The focal point is the Exhibition Kitchen where red portal highlights the activity and a glowing grill.

RED offers private dining venues – each is a one-of-a-kind setting. Suspended above the Historic Buick’s original automobile turntable is a sleek, red lacquer, super-private retreat for memorable events, which seats 9. In the Red Room, slip behind the translucent red fabric panels that separate this private venue from the Main Dining Room. It is secluded, yet the view adds an exciting dimension to the dining experience.

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