Science Museum Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, OK
Science Museum Oklahoma received a $12 Million Grant from the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation. This funding met more than half of the project’s $20.5 million cost to fund the plans for a new 21,000 SF children’s museum. The children’s museum welcomes families with young children and is larger than 90% of the children’s museums across the country.

Elliott + Associates Architects redesigned the museum’s entrance lobby, improved the parking plan and established a new children’s exhibit. Working closely with exhibit consultant ROTO inc., the project introduces kids to chemistry, physics, geometry and geology and acts as a kickoff to the rest of the museum.

Museum President and CEO, Don Otto remarked, “When thinking about Oklahoma City’s growth and ever evolving aesthetic appeal, we knew we wanted Science Museum Oklahoma to be represented by the best. Elliott + Associates’ forward thinking design and attention to detail is exactly what Science Museum Oklahoma desires for the future.”

In response, Rand Elliott, principal of Elliott + Associates Architects states: “Don is one of those rare individuals that allows creative people to soar. Thanks to Don and his board for allowing Mike Mays and me to be a part of the team. We feel a responsibility to the young people in Oklahoma to create a place of wonder. We want to help them soar.”

Key Points:
1. Create a clearly identifiable building entry with a memorable impression.
2. Create an interesting and fun arrival experience.
3. Create a transformative space…one that changes and is never the same twice
4. Introduce and connect the visitors with the mystery of science and the opportunity for discovery.
5. The first impression should be as if you have been absorbed into a place of wonder.

Project Info