The Underground

Oklahoma City, OK

The Underground is a renovation project in downtown Oklahoma City which consists of a system of tunnels and bridges connecting a number of buildings in the downtown area.

The first tunnel was constructed in 1931 with the majority of the Conncourse being built between 1972 and 1984. The downtown area is undergoing a renaissance period with the passage of a sales tax to build a new ballpark, arena, and growth of the tourist industry. The goal of renovating the tunnel system was to improve the quality and public perception of the Conncourse. New stair enclosures provide visual icons to announce the rebirth of the Conncourse as the Underground. Brightly colored “Portals” and “Panels” mark tunnel intersections and incorporate signage to help users locate their destinations. There are also photographs and art relating to gallery themes that provide opportunities to learn about the history of Oklahoma City.