The Elliott Residences

The Elliott ResidencesMidtown Oklahoma City   This upscale residential development represents an elegant fusion of Midtown’s traditional masonry with a crystalline glass façade looking toward Downtown OKC’s evolving future. Its eight stories add density to this a vibrant urban setting immediately north of Downtown Oklahoma City, newly equipped with streetcars. Each residence will have a […]

Villa Bell

The concept developed for the house is “ghosts,” the ghosts of the previous owners, the lives lived there, the memory of an earlier time. The “ghost” concept is seen in the use of natural light, the color white, luminous, translucent materials and fragments of the original structure. It is a space painted with light where […]

Reif Residence

Will Rogers said it best: “If you don’t like the Oklahoma weather, just stick around a few minutes and it will change.” This structure is a response to Oklahoma’s ever changing climate. Architecturally, it reacts to the cold north wind, the hot summer sun, and the cool breezes of spring. It is an honest building, […]


Oklahoma City, OK A garage apartment renovation honoring of the four sacred directions and the four “lights.” It is honoring the past and being part of the present. It is a place where time is visible. I cannot describe exactly how the space “arrived” in idea form; but, after the fact, I can describe the […]

Doc Blue

This project consisted of renovating the 5th floor of a 1910 industrial warehouse into loft living. The goal was to create a “babe magnet” for a single, eccentric orthodontist whose life adventures include NASCAR racing, blues songwriting and blues harmonica. In other words, create a living space that fits the personality of Doc Blue. We […]

Connecticut Residence

We had three conceptual goals. We wanted to create a house whose very existence is inspired by a modern and African art collection. It was our intent to appreciate classic modernism. There are no trends, no fashion, no tricks. This house pays homage to modernism’s very roots. At the outset, our intention was to enhance […]

Blumenthal Residence

Brainstorming sessions were conducted with the client to understand personal goals, likes and dislikes and family lifestyle. “FEELING” OF THE “NEW” HOUSE – Clean – uncluttered light and airy – Bright – Warm – Open – Tall – Quiet, peaceful – Touchable – Not a museum – Natural – “Stuff” is not so important – […]

Bellino-Hall Residence

This is a residential project that was build with five main points in mind. The first was to open the interior spaces to allow the owners to live in the entire house. Second was to create an area where large maps could be viewed while planning their next trip. The third goal was to create […]



Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Light Language The moon welcomes you.  Installed on February 14, 2017, the 12’ diameter steel and LED ring signifies a celebration for a moon child. The welcome home gesture offers a new approach to security lighting.  More importantly, it is the focus of a dream.  The first surprise. Imagine the room as […]

222 Residence

A residential project, that gave the inhabitants peace and serenity, along with a great way to showcase their unique art collection. Architectural Concept 1. Create “formless” architecture that arrives on the site as if a rectangular cut was made in the earth and it pushed up from below. The red granite gravel under roof edge […]