University of Central Oklahoma Mitchell Hall

Edmond, OK

Scope: 20,673 SF – Existing North addition demolished and construction of a new and improved support facility for Mitchell Hall in its place.

Demolition of the existing Mitchell Hall North addition and construction of a new and improved support facility for Mitchell Hall that will nearly double its size. The facility has been greatly needed and will not only help support theatre productions but also provide classroom spaces and attract potential Fine Arts Students.

The new structure will equip the college with state-of-the-art rehearsal halls, a campus storm shelter that will double as a blocking studio, a comprehensive costume shop and make-up lab, dressing rooms with lockers and showers and a new green room. The build-out will also include an open gallery, indoor and outdoor student study lounges, a beautiful new courtyard, classrooms and faculty offices.

Together we have created an inspiring place that will leave a lasting impression for a lifetime on performing art students at UCO. The spirit of UCO is embodied in brick, steel, and concrete. The ballet window overlooking the courtyard is a daily reminder of the spirit and purpose of this project. In the end, our goal is to create space where dancers will learn grace and power and be able to hang in mid-air. We hope it is a place where the actors learn to tell us stories of unforgettable wonder. And finally, our goal is to take the audience to a place of suspended reality for a moment, just long enough to allow you to see differently.

What is theater:
1. Dramatic
2. The unexpected
3. Surprising
4. Musical
5. Lyrical
6. Colorful
7. It’s about storytelling
8. Fantasy
9. Costumes and greasepaint
10. Acting
11. The spoken word
12. Transports you to another time and place

Architectural Concept Points:

1. An inspirational place to learn
2. Transformational…where you change…connecting two worlds
3. Laboratory for new ideas
4. A comfortable place to collaborate and create
5. Cool, “loungy” not institutional…
6. Connect with the courtyard
7. Creative space to be creative

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