CHK | Central Boathouse

Oklahoma City Boathouse District on the Oklahoma River
Oklahoma City, OK

Scope: 18,000 SF

Project Goals
The connection of rowing, art and music contains surprising similarities such as rhythm, flow, and movement. The goal was to create an architectural spirit that embodies the similarities shared by these three disciplines. We hope you see the abstract connections in the architectural form and light. Some connections are quiet and some connections are bold. Imagine a song inspired by rowing. It would be a composition cooler than the far side of the pillow.

Design Features
• Metal skin to match other boathouses.
• Windows as notes in a musical score . . .
• Jazz Lab stage in the riverside window with the River as the background . . .

1. Black out shades on glass
2. Removable stage
3. Space remains multi-purpose for meetings and music
4. Performer access

• Functions

1. Art gallery
2. Jazz Lab at 116 seats
3. Offices, reception, concessions
4. Work out room for 20 erg rowing machines
5. Green Room / small conference

Architectural Concept
• Connect the beauty, grace and power of rowing with the lyrical notes of jazz music…
• To create a memorable, one-of-a-kind experience on the River . . . a destination.
• Integrate fine art on canvas and paper with the sculptural qualities of the rowing shells combined in an atmosphere filled with emotional sounds . . .
• Alchemy

Jazz Lab
• Extension of Edmond Jazz Lab.
• Imagine using the outdoor terrace seating and the dock as stage for an outdoor concert.
• Space can be used for business meetings, classroom, athlete training . . . uses are endless. Must have flexibility of space, storage and lighting.
• The concept is to provide an acoustically tunable space to provide a broad spectrum of acoustic environments suited for a variety of performance styles and types.

1. Space is live with the exterior glass shades in open position.
2. Lowering shades will provide a medium range of sound dampening.
3. Acoustic ceiling pocket shades can be lowered to further dampen the room.