ImageNet Downtown Dallas

ImageNet Downtown Dallas

Dallas, TX

This is the fourth in a series of production facilities for ImageNet. The goal and the challenge is to raise the bar higher for each project. Think about art in a series. Each space continues to deliver a very specific message about speed, product, service and delivery. We are pushing the envelope with each project to tell their corporate story in a new and exciting way.

Architectural Concept:
1. Use 11” x 17” mirror panels with binary vowels that project onto adjacent walls, floor and ceiling.
2. Create an “atmosphere” of duplication and project light as the message.
3. Place the space. The big “D” with GPS positioning marks the exact office location in the universe.
4. Space, color and lighting redefines the production area as the clean, accurate, sophisticated, high tech heart of the operation.
5. The design goal is to create a staff recruitment tool, a marketing identity and a memorable client experience.
6. We have proven that design affects the bottom line.

Project Info