ImageNet OKC

Oklahoma City, OK

ImageNet, a copy center located in Oklahoma City occupies the third floor of a renovated 1920’s car dealership. The room’s walls are lined with the same copy paper – 390,000 sheets to be precise – glued to resemble bricks or blocks of stone.

Architectural Points:

1. Introduce the history of the company and the development of the photocopy process with the use of historic and rare typewriters as art objects surrounded by walls of copy paper (390,000 sheets to be exact) – implying the end product.

2. Place the customer / visitor inside the copy process. Duplicate them as a memorable experience. Put them between pages of history.

3. Organize the space to allow the customer to tour and view the production and assembly process. Show pride of work through organization and cleanliness.

4. Create a space that illustrates the historical advancements of information duplication from typewriters to digital scanning and information management.

5. Create street side nighttime recognition and presence. Using blue light, link the adjacent building and the 3rd floor together as one signature structure.

Project Info